Why I Love Peet’s

Why Peet’s coffee shops are my favorite.

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100 Reasons why Peet’s are my favorite coffee shops. No, really.

Why I Love Peet’s: The Quarter Bag Refund

What’s the number one reason that I love going to Peet’s Coffee and Tea shops? The quarter. More specifically, the 25¢ refund for re-using your old bag for buying coffee beans.

Since I grind our coffee beans fresh every morning when I make a pot, I stop by Peet’s frequently to stock up on another ½ pound of beans. When I do, I bring back my old coffee bean bag to re-use it - and get 25¢ off for re-using my coffee bag!

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Welcome to Peet’s!

Welcome to Why I Love Peet’s, my online homage to Peet’s Coffee & Tea shops. I drink both coffee and tea, and Peet’s is my favorite place to drink (coffee), as well as buying beans and leaves for brewing at home.

Just as a reminder: Peet’s ® and various other Peet’s logos, brands, trade dress, and the like are trademarks of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. Peet’s is not affiliated with nor endorses this website, and so far Peet’s probably doesn’t know that I exist - except for of course the baristas at my favorite local shop!

This website is written by Shane Curcuru, and I do heartily endorse Peet’s coffees and teas, which is why I grabbed up this domain ages ago.

All original content is Copyright © Shane Curcuru and is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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