Peet’s is not unique among retailers working on social responsibility, but they are very thorough and active in their work helping the environment and their coffee suppliers.

Peet’s Social Responsibility listing includes a pot full of programs they work with, including Direct Trade, USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certifications, plus the Farmer Assistance program, and community support programs including Technoserve, World Coffee Research, Coffee Kids, and Grounds for Health.

They always have a solid list of coffees from these programs available, both in stores and in the Peet’s online shop.

Peet’s also works on various energy and recycling programs. What I especially like is their bag recycling program: if you bring back your bean bag (or use your own Airscape canister!), they give you a 25 cent discount on your bean purchase - even for just a half pound! Not a silly dime discount like some other shops.

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