My default coffee? Major Dickason’s Blend® coffee from Peet’s. Just the right dark roast with complexity to enjoy but without too much of anything, so it’s suitable for an everyday cuppa. I probably get this roast about a third of the time I buy coffee beans, or anytime I need beans but just can’t decide on what I want.

Order some Major Dickason from Peet’s directly.

The story of the “retired army officer Key Dickason” bringing in the blend to Peet’s is a nice one, although quick research doesn’t show much factual data behind it. It would be nice if Peet’s corporate marketing turned it into a real story (with some data to support it).

In other news, MAJOR DICAKSON’S BLEND® is a registered trademark in the US, showing how important the brand is to Peet’s marketing. The registration waives “BLEND”, obviously, but also interestingly states:


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