What’s the number one reason that I love going to Peet’s Coffee and Tea shops? The quarter. More specifically, the 25¢ refund for re-using your old bag for buying coffee beans.

Since I grind our coffee beans fresh every morning when I make a pot, I stop by Peet’s frequently to stock up on another ½ pound of beans. When I do, I bring back my old coffee bean bag to re-use it - and get 25¢ off for re-using my coffee bag!

Sure, a quarter really doesn’t buy much these days but it’s still a useful discount, not a paltry dime or nickel for bringing back your bag.

And a quarter is more than the cost of a new bag to Peet’s: high quality coffee bags retail in bulk for 10¢ to 15¢, and I’m sure they get their bags for cheaper than that. So having me recycle my coffee bag actually costs Peet’s money versus simply using a new bag.

While plenty of companies talk about recycling and helping the environment, it’s the small extra measure of discount Peet’s gives here that really shows they walk the talk in terms of recycling. Plus, that quarter comes in handy for the parking meter if I end up sitting with a fresh cuppa at the shop.