Welcome to Why I Love Peet’s, Shane’s blog about all things coffee and his favorite coffee shop.


Welcome to Why I Love Peet’s, my online homage to Peet’s Coffee & Tea shops. I drink both coffee and tea, and Peet’s is my favorite place to drink (coffee), as well as buying beans and leaves for brewing at home.

Just as a reminder: Peet’s ® and various other Peet’s logos, brands, trade dress, and the like are trademarks of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. Peet’s is not affiliated with nor endorses this website, and so far Peet’s probably doesn’t know that I exist - except for of course the baristas at my favorite local shop!

This website is written by Shane Curcuru, and I do heartily endorse Peet’s coffees and teas, which is why I grabbed up this domain ages ago.

Coffee Ipsum

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All About Coffee Markov

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Coffee Markov

Upon completion of above process you can now adjust your dosing technique or recipe, slightly adjusting grind. we use burr grinders have a major effect on the texture of your espresso, concentrating or diluting the flavours and aromas we taste, and judge shots that fulfil the recipe. We therefore advise adjusting grind only to control repeatably and measurably when brewing espresso. The mechanics of brewing affects these is key to developing an ability to recognise good espresso. Some of these things, though causing tiny changes to the small size of the sensory experience of drinking espresso, one is the flavours and aromas a coffee can deliver. Only about 30% of coffee equally across all vertical sections of the dose. both contribute to the same coffee texture. it’s helpful at this point it is a volume measurement and the movement of the brew and speed of the drink. Our tolerance for the espresso is just a coffee, but it takes a lot of effort.

Twist the tamper edge. – Free Espresso Making Guide

We have a major effect on the texture of your ground coffee is soluble, the other is the one that achieves the desired brewing time. Adjust one recipe variable at a given bed depth and particle size doesn’t guarantee stable brewing time of our espresso brewing time. In espresso all of these compounds taste nice and some don’t.

Only about 30% of coffee so there are easy ways to do this.

Increased brewing time of our recipe is achieved determine if beneficial adjust further if necessary. Texture is a function of the sensory experience of drinking espresso, one is the one that achieves the desired brewing time. Only about 30% of coffee is ground further before being pushed out.

The right grind setting, and indeed the right grind setting, and indeed the right particle size at a time. Once we have consistent process and results we can extract from our coffee, and also suggest if the dosing was flawed. Some of these tolerances are stacked, affecting each other, and begin to overwhelm the palette we call this process extraction.

As extraction continues and more CO2 present to obstruct contact between water and coffee coffee is soluble, the other 70% being made of cell wall and fibre. In many brewing methods you can now adjust your new recipe is achieved determine if beneficial adjust further if necessary. Tamping is a function of the grinder in some way, some also have locks that may need to be perfect it can taste incredible.